Why I work the way I do

"No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story."

Gary Vaynerchuk, serial entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer

Your authentic story - messages - tools - execution - scale and grow

I could not agree more with Gary. CEO or engineer or marketer – you all need to understand the story and tell it, each with your own tools.


The story of your company – and the messages resulting from it – define what kind of people are attracted to work for you and what kind of products you will build. Ultimately the story defines how audiences relate to you and who becomes your customer.


You can call it vision or mission or purpose. I call it story, because I feel we all understand what a story is.


In my career I have seen amazing projects fail, because their story was not thought through. Have seen enormous resources wasted, because no one took the time to first agree on messages. Saw highly skilled talent leave, because the story they signed-up for turned out to be fake.


That is why I always start with the story. Your authentic story.

If you already have one – I will challenge you and help you sharpen it.

If you need to create one – I will work with you on finding your authentic story.


Every company story needs messages and supporting facts to ensure the same story will be told by many in the organization to diverse audiences.


When story and messages are in place I can help you create the materials and find the right tools to speak with one voice: within your company and to the world. And if you wish, I support you with the communications execution the creation of materials like press kits, communication plans, speaking calendars or company presentations.

Or you apply what we have build on your own or with external agencies. Your choice.


If you want to scale and grow your team by hiring your first agency or your first in-house communicator, if you want to start measuring or want to invest in studies – I am happy to consult.

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