What I offer

2Bcomms is not a PR agency

For those that need to communicate as part of their role, I consult, mentor and support. If you need to launch, grow, or professionalize your communications, I can help.

Here is how:

Launch and re-launch support

  • Story and message development workshops – What do we stand for? And how do we make others understand it?
  • Creation of basic communications materials based on messages – How do we tell our story to the different audiences?
  • Development of a 3 months communications plan across channels – Where is our focus? How do we target press, investors, customers and influencers?
  • Basic media training for founders, executives and communicators – Who gets the the message out? And how?

Scaling and growth support:

  • Hiring for communications roles – What skill do you need on the team? What should the job description look like? Subject matter interviews and mentoring during on-boarding.
  • Agency selection – What kind of agency do you really need? Whom should you invite to pitch? Writing agency pitch briefs. Giving evaluation support.
  • Goal setting and measurement – What data matters? When is it time to measure? What tools to use? What benchmarks to set?
  • Material review and upgrade – How to develop info graphics, commission surveys, or create templates for case studies? Strategy and vendor management support.
  • Global appeal – Do I need to adapt my messages for other markets? Which channels or approaches work in Germany, but not in the Nordics, North America  or Spain?

Professionalizing communications

  • Media training – How do we make the most of a unique opportunity? How do we prevent mistakes when the questions get harder?
  • Speaking program – Where should we speak? Why? How do we get in? How do we present? Develop speaking calendars, pitches, presentations, guidelines and coach speakers.
  • Crisis preparation (and prevention!) – What could make us vulnerable? What do we do when we get into a crisis situation? Who speaks for the company in critical situations? Assess crisis potential, develop crisis communications procedures and basic first response materials.

Access to a global network:

After 20 years in the industry I have a network of trusted partners to tab into.

  • Infographic designers
  • Branding experts
  • Content and social media specialists
  • Localization services
  • Freelance writers
  • Print, radio or video production vendors
  • Event agencies
  • Web developers
  • … even stylists and photographers for professional pictures

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