… Corporate Stories: Do you care about the story of the company you work for?

Audience’s forget facts, but they remember stories. Once you get past the jargon, the corporate world is an endless source of fascinating stories.

Ian Griffin

Do you care about the story of the company you work for?

For me, it has been a deciding factor in my career. Not consciously for a long time. And I guess I would have labeled it, “great culture”, “strong business case” or “impressive product” before.


In hindsight, all the companies I worked for attracted me with their strong stories:

The ones that explained the founders motivation.

The tales about why the product ended up looking like it does.

Those anecdotes told by customers that fell in love with the brand.

And not least, the stories I could proudly tell about my experience with the company.


For a story to be something that people remember and speak about, it needs to be personal and have emotion built into it. Why? Because we are exposed to a lot of information everyday.


This quote is from a study that is a few years old, but still impressive: “If we would like to transmit the amount of broadcasted information with the help of newspapers, we would have had to deliver 55 newspapers per person per day in 1986, and 175 newspapers per person per day by 2007.“


Just imagine what you are up against today. Your story better be memorable!

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